B R I A N   G I L L I S
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Aluminum, Archival Board, Ink, Leather, Light, Misc. Hardware, Oak, Hand-Marbled Paper, Parchment, Plexiglas, Silk Ribbon, Misc. Audio Equipment, and Sound
20’ x 20’ x 10’

This was exhibited at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to mark the centennial of the 1908 Springfield Race Riot. Present are a central map, podiums topped with leather-bound reference books, and directional speakers playing oral accounts of the riot. The map is a conglomeration of a 1908 city engineer’s map, cropped satellite images of Springfield from 2008, and flags marking where major riot events occurred. Flags also represent sites throughout town where informational markers were placed to facilitate a walking tour. Included in the leather-bound reference books are death certificates, arrest records, court proceedings, weather reports, reports from national guard officers, photographs, proclamations from the mayor, essays from local scholars, and the transcripts of oral histories taken from riot witnesses, etc. The books are federally registered as a limited edition with an ISBN, and one volume is now permanently housed in each of the special collections at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the University of Illinois at Springfield Brookens Library, and the Public School District 186 Central Library.