B R I A N   G I L L I S
Josh and Danny

Porcelain, Ceramic Decals
5" x 7" x .09375"

My older brother is a heroine junkie. My younger brother is an alcoholic. Both of them are homeless. Both of their lives have crumbled, quickly, catastrophically within the last 5 years. They look like completely different people every time I see them. They smell different, and talk different, and walk different, sit different, eat different, smoke different, sound different, and look at me different. I probably do too.

Rides to friend's houses, parks, and pawnshops lead to emergency rooms, detox centers, rehabs, police stations, halfway houses, infectious disease units, and psych wards. Missed dinners became missed weddings, and 4am phone calls, car crashes, missing person reports, and meetings with FBI agents, social workers, and private detectives, all the while bringing calls and letters from employers, lawyers, old friends, and collectors. I am distraught. I am frustrated, angry, resentful, heart-broken, and in mourning. They are alone.
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