B R I A N   G I L L I S
Disobedience, Abstraction, and the Opposable Thumb (Tank Man)

CNC Milled Plywood, Douglas Fir, Television, DVD Player, Video, Close Caption Security Cameras, Monitor, and Miscellaneous Hardware
18' x 18' x 16'

This was built as a testament to an unknown man who, after months of protesting capped by a 3-day massacre where thousands of innocent men, women, and children were killed by their own government, had the audacity to break through the crowds and stand in front of a column of army tanks in mid victory procession. The media were all quarantined in the same area of the same hotel, which yielded one iconic image.

What is the refusal to follow instructions or behave in accordance with a law, rule, or order regardless if it is inferred, conditional, corporeal, or compulsory, whether by an outside entity or self imposed?
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